IS CANNABIS THE NEXT BOOM INDUSTRY? by state, laws governing the use of marijuana, in many forms and for many purposes, is changing.  A number of states have legalized its use for medical purposes and others have coupled that with legalizing it for recreational use.  In 2017, overall marijuana sales on the retail level have soared by 30 percent.  It’s expected that cannabis sales will eclipse snack foods like Doritos and Cheetos, as well as ice cream sales.  (Or will this rising tide, drive them all higher?)  The cannabis industry, and its various aspects from growing to distribution,  now employs up to 230,000 workers.  So, as a trend, this one qualifies as a big one.  The road ahead for the industry, though, has a few challenges, like federal response to what the states involved in legalizing it are doing.  We discuss the topic with Takiya Anthony-Price from One on One, a podcast and service involved in education about cannabis.  She thinks the legalization in Massachusetts, where she’s based, will provide a unique approach to the process, including righting wrongs to so many affected by the ‘War on Drugs’.