IS THERE A DESPOT’S APPRENTICE IN THE WHITE HOUSE?,320_.jpgDictatorships flourish in place where truth is subjective and where the institutions meant to put a check on power, like the press and the courts, are demeaned and undermined.  It’s beginning to sound eerily familiar to a place we all care about.  Dr. Brian Klaas delves into the worsening state of democracies around the world and the growing concern that the beacon of freedom, America in the Trump era, is taking on characteristics of those regimes.  In this podcast, we look at how America’s interest in promoting democracy around the world is on the wane just as our own is being subverted from within.  And who gains from these trends.  Finally, Dr. Klaas tells us the four scenarios he’s sees for America in 2020.  Make certain you stay for his conclusions.